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Explore - The best Instagram video downloader! Download videos for free, fast, high quality, safe and secure. Learn why ssInsta is the best choice and how to use it below!

About ssInsta Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is a treasure trove of visual content. From short clips to IGTV videos, there's always something worth saving. However, Instagram doesn't offer a built-in option to download videos. This is where comes in handy. 
Our Instagram Video Downloader allows you to save any Instagram video with ease. Thanks to this platform, you can:

  • Watch videos offline anytime.
  • Share them with friends and family.
  • Use them for personal projects or inspiration.

Why ssInsta Stands Out

  1. Download videos in HD resolution
  2. Easy to use – just visit the, paste the link, and start downloading
  3. Work seamlessly on all devices and web browsers
  4. Does not store any personal user download links or data
  5. Website is optimized for speed
  6. Multilingual support to serve users worldwide

How to Download Videos on ssInsta

Downloading videos from Instagram using is straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Go to Instagram and copy the link of the Instagram video you want to download. 

Step 3: Return to ssInsta. Paste the copied link into the search box on the homepage.

Step 4: Click the "Download" button next to the search box. The tool will process the link and prepare the video for download.

Step 5: Click the final "Download" button. Your video will be saved to your device in seconds. Enjoy!

Tips to Download Videos on Easier

  • Organize Your Downloads: Create folders on your device to organize your downloaded videos. In this way, you can easily find them when needed.
  • Update Your Browser: Check to see if your web browser is upgraded. This guarantees compatibility and a smoother experience when using
  • Check Your Internet Connection: A stable Internet connection ensures quick and uninterrupted downloads. Make sure your connection is reliable.
  • Bookmark Bookmark our website for quick access. This makes it easier to return whenever you need to download more videos.
  • Store videos in the cloud: Save downloaded videos in the cloud to free up storage space on your device.


There are no limits. You can download as many videos as you need using

No, ssInsta does not add any watermarks. You get the videos in their original form.

Check your internet connection, try a different browser, or clear your cache and cookies. If the issue persists, contact our support team.

No, we do not store any download links. Your privacy is our top priority.

If the download speed is slow, try checking your internet connection or using a different web browser.